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BabyMocs is Scandinavia's first vegan children's shoe brand - founded in Sweden. 
All BabyMocs are made of vegan leather – no 🐮, only 🌱🍍♻️ for 👶🏼👣
They are delivered in an exclusive box made out of recycled paper and a soft shoe drawstring bag. 

BabyMocs was born from a vision of something far away from vegan children shoes.

BabyMocs is one of the cornerstones of the Swedish company OhHappyDay.
OhHappyDay was founded in November 2018 with one main goal: to create and drive projects aiming at making the world get even happier days.

The first project of OhHappyDay was initiated in December 2018 and is a project where OhHappyDay leads a pilot project in Sweden to try to engage homeless citizens into the labor market via micro jobs. The main reason why a homeless person today can not apply for a job is because he or she lacks a physical address. It is a Moment 22. Without an address the homeless person will never be able to apply for a job and without an income he or she will never be able to apply for an address. We are currently building an app-based platform to allow for homeless to get activated via micro jobs back into the society again. This project needs funding and we quickl realized that the fastest and most reliable way to generate funding to this non-profit project was to set up another project within OhHappyDay that would be able to finance our other non-profit actions. 

One very late night the founder of BabyMocs came across the cutest baby shirt she had ever seen – it was covered with colorful and happy pineapples. The first idea was to order a couple to family and friends babies for Christmas.
What could possibly be cuter than a baby shirt filled with pineapples? There is something very powerful about late nights – it makes your head spin. We knew we needed to set up projects within OhHappyDay that would fund our non-profit projects and allow them to come alive quicker than with public funding.
There are a lot of talented brands on the market producing fun and environmentally friendly clothes but we had yet not heard about a brand producing environmental friendly shoes for children.
What if we could make shoes with this happy pineapple print?
And so it began. We wanted to build a brand that would contribute to a happier world and here we had it: children environmental friendly shoes. We had a gut feeling that if this pineapple print could make us feel this happy it would hopefully make others get happy feelings about it as well. But you know the feeling when all you suddenly can think about is what you just started and you just can not stop yourself from doing some more of it? That is how we felt about this pineapple print shoe. Why only make one shoe when we could set up a couple of different collections?

We sourced, what felt like the entire universe, after environmental friendly fabrics and came across the most wonderful fabric we had never heard about before and ironically enough would work really well with our pineapple shoe idea: pineapple leather.

Pineapple leather is a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibers extracted from the pineapple´s waste parts - the leaves and the top & bottom of the pineapple. The pineapple industry globally produces 40,000 tons of waste pineapple leaves each year, which before vegan pineapple was invented, was usually left to rot or be burned - causing extensive pollution. Pineapple leather in itself has changed the dynamics for pineapple producers all over the world and has strengthened their income while the pineapple the past years now has been given another area of usage.

BabyMocs was from that night more than just a pineapple children shoe idea and on December 14th we launched BabyMocs – the 1st vegan children shoe brand in Scandinavia.

With BabyMocs we are together as a team allowing for our future generation to wear climate smart options on their feet while helping other people in the society to get back up on their feet again.

Thank you for choosing BabyMocs - for choosing climate kind for the future of our future while at the same time helping people in your nearest society get back up on their feet again.

/ TEAM BabyMocs
Walks the Talk


Canadian Brand. Handmade with love in Quebec by a talented mom of 3. Beguin boutique offers a variety of hair accessories for children as well as for women.


BIBS is a high-quality Danish brand, established in the 1980’s and refined over several decades.

Every product is carefully designed and manufactured exclusively at our headquarters in the Hillerød, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Office, production, and warehouse are all door to door, so everyone has a feeling for the whole process of making a pacifier.

We are also a company that places great demands on quality and creativity in everything we do. That is a big part of the reason for our continued growth.

We have a clear ambition of selling the best baby products – and of being the best partner for our customers. Nothing less.


Made for the little people and moments you cherish the most, these baby bonnets are special and especially loved by the modern, sartorial parent. They hand pick the very best materials for style, quality, and function to all come together, as it should. Briar Baby bonnets are simply necessary.

Founder, designer and fellow mama, Rachel Goode, began creating her signature bonnets shortly after the birth of her daughter Gracelyn Briar. She understood the need for a tie-hat that was both beautiful and functional and took it into her own hands. The response to her handmade and heartfelt bonnets from grandmas and mamas alike was the beginning of Briar Baby as you know it.

Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, all bonnets are proudly (and carefully) manufactured in the USA.


Bundl Australia is a boutique company specialising in infant products based out of the beautiful beachside suburb of Bateau Bay on the NSW Central Coast.

Our aim is to source materials of the highest quality and manufacture natural and organic infant products that are on trend, unique and versatile.

After many years working in the industry and raising my own two small children I recognised that there was a gap in the market for an infant wrap that was warm, versatile and easy to use, but also one that was made from natural and organic materials. As a result, the idea for the Bundl Wool Wrap was born.

It has been a long journey, sourcing the highest quality materials and getting the design spot on to offer our luxurious products to you.

Bundl Australia is 100% family owned and designed in Australia.

Belinda x


Our bamboo dinnerware is made from organic bamboo, recycled from the waste created in bamboo chop sticks production. Blended with GMO- free corn starch and a 100% food-grade melamine binder. They are colored only with water-based, food-proof color pigments and unlike traditional melamine products CINK are not coated with any surface treatments. ​We offer a holistically and environmentally conscious series of products that include packaging made from recycled material. All our products have been tested and are food safe in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 as well as for The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We hope that you will enjoy your CINKs!


Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, ​​recognized for its quality and know-how after many years of experience. Condor is authentic, responsible and trustworthy. Exclusive designs, with simple lines, with great personality presented in a universe of colors.


Canadian Brand. Handmade in Vancouver by a talented mom using natural fibers. Eiffel & Eyre Knits makes modern knits with a timeless elegance. Named for two classics—the Eiffel Tower and the novel Jane Eyre—this brand creates stylish essentials.


Eorthe offers sustainable handcrafted baby & kids accessories and garments. Brenda's dream has always been to launch her own clothing and accessory brand and to implement sustainability in her brand. When she had her daughter, she decided to go for her dream and launched her baby & kids brand in 2019.

Eorthe's products bring together the materials that create something very special and sustainable. Brenda is committed to provide you with stylish baby & kids accessories that fit your lifestyle and live up to the core values she believes in. Her idea is to develop capsule collections that will save you money, closet space, and the environment. With just a few garments and accessories you could mix and match and still create beautiful outfits without spending too much money.

Garbo&Friends is an exclusive Swedish brand designing interior textile products with that little extra thought. Through unique illustrations and high-quality materials such as fine wool, cashmere and Portuguese cotton Percale along with beautiful details and colors, Garbo&Friends will take you on a journey of imagination suitable for both tiny as well as tall.


Welcome to my little universe - my name is Ane and in 2009 I visited Nepal for the first time. I simply fell in love with the country and the people, and since then I have been visiting the country 1-2 times each year. Gamcha is a small village in Nepal where my family before the big earthquake owned an ecological driven guesthouse. Me and my father became fascinated by the traditional handicrafts that crafters were making in their small workshops - and here the idea of Gamcha started. We wanted to share the beautiful work in Europe and in mean time support the Nepalese crafters. Shanti and Nirjala are two women who started a felt production in 2004. In collaboration we started designing products fitting the European market. Europeans loved our idea which mean that today more than 125 women are working making our designs with fair treatment and payment: We have the vision to help even more Nepalese women to get a fair payed job and therewith independence which is rare for women in Nepal.

Shanti and Nirjala has become my good friends and even though they live and work over 7000 km from Copenhagen, we have close contact and even talk on daily basis. With the growing felt production we've added organic cotton products to our collection with illustrative motifs that carry the same playful, imaginative aesthetic as the felt products. We have also added the softest cashmere products crafted in Nepal with beautiful handmade embroideries.

We are so happy to see that our products find new homes around the world.
In 2020 the first Gamcha baby boy was born and I can't wait for him to meet the wonderful people and to visit the land of Nepal.



Our vision about an ethic and sustainable production is at the heart of our business. We strive to create great products in a kind and sustainable way. If you buy a product from us, you should feel reassured that it will do no harm to the ones around you.


As many others we are not fans of the Fast-fashion business that thrives today. By creating products of high-quality we want to encourage a “less waste” mindset where products are used over and over again, passed down to family, friends and even through to future generations.


By listening to our customers, and taking all your concerns seriously, our product range is ever evolving, getting safer and more durable all the time. We also have an open working environment were all of our employees can help further our brand and our products.


We are a small business which is family owned and operated, located in Perth, Western Australia.

​Following the arrival of our first daughter in 2016, who had severe reflux for 6 + months, we found that we were forever washing anything she would lay on. We thought, surely there is a wipeable play mat out there which she can play on that is also stylish and would suit the interiors of our home.

 After lots of research we came to realise that there was virtually no leather or vegan leather accessories or homewares for children. We saw a huge opportunity and with a desire to create something that was beautiful yet practical, we designed and created the first vegan leather quilted play mat.

All products are carefully and thoughtfully designed with practicality & aesthetics in mind, then manufactured by our ethical & quality driven factory overseas.

Kendall & Dean x


Canadian Brand. Jax & Lennon Clothing Co. specializes in luxury bamboo & organic cotton essentials that are sustainably, ethically and locally made with style & comfort in mind. Our line is meant to last, to be played in, to be dirtied, and then to be passed on. All of our jersey and terry items are made with love in Canada.

Kelsie Power, mom of three, first began making clothing from home when her firstborn, Jax, was a baby. Soon friends wanted in, and a quick snowball effect turned a little sewing hobby into a business!

Jax & Lennon Clothing Co has been operating for nearly 7 years now, and Kelsie continues to grow her business and add new styles to her collections. Employing 7 staff at her warehouse, and a local 2-facility manufacturer, they are doing their part to support and employ locals in their community.

Kelsie's kids are her inspiration, and her husband is her #1 supporter, always there with ideas and to help make her dreams a reality.


our vision

Knit a buddy is a brand of handmade stuffed animals and teethers in Peru with natural and organic materials for the little ones. We offer simple and high quality toys with an ethical and sustainable production, providing the best products for our babies and children. Because each of our products is hand-sewn point by point, they are unique and no two items are alike. We think this makes them even more special.

In addition, at Knit a buddy we consider the development of the creativity of little ones yo be essential. We believe that to stimulate that innate creativity they have, we must provide them with toys that are simple enough to allow them to develop their own imagination.

We have the notion that today’s girls and boys make use of their imagination less and less. They meet with rules of the game pre-established by adults. For us, a house is a house, but for them it can be a castle, a fortress or even a magical world.

With the simplicity of our designs we seek just that: allowing your imagination to flourish.

behind knitabuddy

Knit a buddy products are carefully designed in a little corner of the Catalan Pyrenees by Núria, a teacher driven mad by the world of children. Then they come to life in Peru thanks to our team of artisans.

This project is the result of love for unique and singular things. For simplicity, sustainability and the desire that all our daughters and sons can live in a more conscious world, sensitive to environmental problems.


Maki is a New Zealand label.

We create sustainable and comfortable clothing and accessories for your mini.

Designed in beautiful New Zealand by two mums.


Marlow & Mae was born in August, 2015 from the desire to create something beautiful, functional and effortless for my little man, Marlow.

The idea of getting back to basics, inspired by the simplistic beauty of nature, while offering a high quality fabric and design is what motivated me to bring Marlow & Mae to life.

I’ve always enjoyed sewing and creating things with my hands, so when Marlow was about five months old, I decided to  creating something unique and special.

I couldn’t find what I wanted for him in the fabrics I wanted, so I made my own; something a little alternative, vintage inspired and in colour pallets and designs that could be passed down through the generations.

Marlow & Mae started as a business where every piece was hand sewn by me, but as we grew, I simply couldn’t keep up with the high demand. Slowly, with the support from family and loyal customers, I sought out reputable, sustainable and thoughtful manufacturers.

Today, Marlow & Mae is an online brand where every piece is carefully designed and custom made using different fabrics and styles in ethical, environmentally friendly manufacturing environments throughout Nepal, China and India.


This company was started by Audrey, a mom who wanted affordable, modern, simple baby basics and could not find them. Mebie Baby was born when she took it upon herself to create these products. Mebie Baby is in her small hometown in Utah.

Our products are all ethically sourced and made in China. Our manufacturers are OEKO-TEX certified.



Babies deserve the best. That is why we are committed to products made to last, not to be replaced. We seek out sustainable and eco-conscious materials along with modern minimalist design for affordable products that moms love as much as babies do.


Born in 2020, during the heart of covid–19, NINTHE is a baby and children’s brand, brought to life by our founder + mama — Nadia, through her love for mini fashion and everyday comfort. Initially known as ‘in the n’, NINTHE tells the story of the face behind the brand. The name NINTHE, [pronounced nyn–th] is sentimental to her daughter’s birthdate (09/09). A graphic designer by trade, Nadia created NINTHE as a brand that’s not only limited to clothing, but one that also includes art.

Inspired by neutral tones and the art of simplicity, our seamless designs aim to communicate the significance of "less is more". Designed in Sydney, Australia, NINTHE works closely with 3 small manufacturers — 2 in china and 1 in India. Each manufacturer has a team of talented artisans, with wage paid workers and high staff retention rates. We ensure that our manufacturers use quality materials that comply with ethical trade and standards. Our fabric is made to order, meaning we aren’t using bulks of fabric that result in excess waste. Any off-cuts of our fabric are in turn repurposed into samples or packaging within the factories.

At NINTHE, we are always looking for new ways to encourage sustainability and create a more minimalist lifestyle. Our swing tags are made from recycled card stock, our ‘thank you’ cards are reusable, and your packages are wrapped in eco friendly kraft paper and shipped in compostable cornstarch mailer bags. We are constantly learning as we grow and will strive to always give back to our planet. Hence why, we intend to create aesthetic, everyday wear pieces that will be worn, loved and appreciated for all future generations, without compromising the value of affordability.

Nadia + the NINTHE team.


Sustainable, practical, timeless pieces that support wild-hearted play, further ethical production standards, and are healthy and toxin-free for our little ones and our planet. Always.

Design: We make every choice with our planet and our children in mind.

Quality: We source only the finest, softest, and toxin-free fabrics and dyes.

Approach: We partner with the most ethical factories around the world.


Launched by a married couple. She is a designer and he has a passion for wood crafting. Their talents were combined to develop this brand of beautiful products all while keeping them environmentally friendly. All of their products are ethically made in Ukraine.


Canadian Brand. Sauge & Co was born on a spring 2019 morning. Being an eco-friendly and animal-friendly person, I wanted to offer decorative and unique products that look like me, that are handmade, and this, from natural fibers. Since I have been a mom, I’ve always loved everything about childcare and children’s accessories and I’ve always loved decorating. I combined my talents and interests to create the Sauge & Co products.

Natural fibers: I use linen and cotton for pillows, cotton for embroidery and rainbows.

Handmade: I make all the products on Sauge & Co that are made in my small studio perched at the top of my house.

Ecological: I use bags made of biodegradable 100 cornstarch bags for mailings in less than 6 months. As for my cushions, the gruff is made of recycled bottle fibers and organic cotton wrap.

Animal friend: As a vegetarian myself, I am very much at heart for the welfare of animals. That is why no animal by-products will be found there. No feather for custom pillows, but fiber from recycled bottles.


Before a baby learns to reach and grab with their hands or crawl and sit-up, their eyes are providing important information and stimulation for their development. A baby's brain undergoes an amazing period of development from birth to three — producing more than a million neural connections each second. High-contrast imagery offers the best opportunity for newborns to focus on visual stimuli and promotes visual exploration and engagement.

More than just entertainment, visual focus on a stimulus such as art cards can foster a sense of calm and coherence in visually busy spaces. A card placed over a diapering area can be used to redirect attention of wiggly infants, making diaper time a little easier on parents and caregivers. Furthermore, intriguing imagery invites commentary and conversation, encouraging adults to engage more with baby.


We are two moms who took very different professional paths but who share the same passion for making play-time with our tiny ones a little more interactive. Sarah has spent the majority of her career working stressful and long days on a trading desk. Once she had her son, she developed a new perspective for what she wanted her days to look like with her family and is currently enjoying swapping the trading desk for sensory tables. Dayvi graduated in early childhood education and spent the first six years of her career bouncing around from one grade and subject to another. Her next professional leap led her to take on her Early Childhood Psychology Masters Degree with a focus in the Science of Learning - how a developing child's brain learns and views the evolving world around them.

We met over 10 years ago and became quick and close friends. We went on to marry two incredible brothers and, lucky for us, became family. We had babies six months apart and that is where this perfect storm of business and play really came to fruition. 

Dayvi & Sarah