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Knitted from 100% all-natural cotton, these tastefully designed baby overalls take “adorable” to new heights! Available in a calming cream or charming grey, the Knit Pocket Overalls can be paired with a variety of baby attire to turn any outfit into an extraordinary one. Order yours from Carami today! 

  • 100% natural cotton - Dreamlike comfort that’s safe on sensitive skin
  • Five sizes available - Perfect for babies 0 months to 2 years old
  • Adjustable straps - Keeps up with your baby as they grow
  • Crafted with care - Hand wash and hang dry for best results

These Knit Pocket Overalls offer all-day comfort for babies and easy dressing and undressing for parents. Send your bundle of joy into the world in style and comfort with these high-quality baby overalls from the industry leaders at Mebie Baby. Choose a size and color and order the Knit Pocket Overalls today! 


Measurements are from shoulder to ankle, and across the waist. All measurements are in inches.

Length; 0-3m: 17.75in, 3-6m: 19.5in, 6-12m: 20.5in, 18m: 21.25in, 2Y: 21.5in 

Width; 0-3m: 8.5in, 3-6m: 8.75in, 6-12m: 9.5in, 18m: 9.5in, 2Y: 9.75in