Kawan Mini Rubberduck

Kawan Mini Rubberduck - Hevea

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Have you been trying to figure out which products are actually sustainable and non-toxic for your child? 

These are not buzzwords for the Hevea brand, but what the company was built on over ten years ago here in Copenhagen. 

The Kawan mini Rubberducks are handcrafted out of pure natural rubber with a silky touch, and of course, toxic free and compostable. 

Each duck is hand painted and unique to its brothers and sisters, but always cute. 

Kawan’s shape, colors, and elasticity are thoughtfully designed to encourage your baby’s sensation of touch and stimulate their development of vision. 

Kawan is made for playing, teething, and bathing and doesn’t have a water hole. 

  • 100% pure natural rubber, free of phthalates, PVC and BPA
  • Handpainted with pure natural plant pigments
  • Soft, malleable and easy for tiny hands to grasp.
  • The patterned texture on beak and feet, which is ideal for soothing and massaging irritated gums
  • The elasticity of the rubber makes is perfect to chew on
  • The colour contrast stimulates and encourages the development of baby vision
  • Floats on water
  • Kawan means friend in Malay
  • 8 cm tall