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Baby Lounge Suit - Size 1Y

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Boasting a cozy oversized fit and a snap button crotch for changing your little one on the go, you will love this infant and baby Lounge Suit from the industry leaders at Cinnamon Baby. This Lounge Suit is 50% cotton fleece and 50% stretchy spandex for all-day comfort. Order yours from Carami today! 

  • One-piece baby suit - Envelop your young one in full-body comfort
  • Snap button crotch - Artisan detailing provides easy changing access
  • Cozy wrist and ankle cuffs - More comfort, less risk of falling, catching, or tripping 
  • Everyday appeal - A versatile, must-have piece for every baby’s wardrobe

One of the most popular items in our baby apparel collection, this Lounge Suit comes in a relaxing cream color or a calming chocolate shade. The pinnacle of luxurious comfort, this full-body Lounge Suit will leave you with only one question — does it come in my size? Order yours from Carami today!