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Roly-Poly Lamb - Large

Musical Roly-Poly Lamb - Large

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Musical toy Roly-Poly Lamb. 

The wooden base is covered with artificial fur. When moving and tilting, the tumbler makes musical sounds.

The height of a large Lamb Roly-Poly is 15 cm

Fur color: natural white with a beige shade.
Materials: wood (100% linden), fur (100% polyester)


Tactile-the Lamb has a soft textured fur and a wooden muzzle, it helps the baby to develop tactile sensations while playing with it. The palms and fingers of the child are very important parts of the body, at the moment of touching various surfaces, the development of the child's mental activity and speech occurs.

Musical-The Lamb rings when the baby plays with it. The Lamb sounds natural, like a metal bell. Musical sounds develop the baby's hearing, relax, teach him to listen.

Hand Made-The Lamb is made by hand, with love and attention to detail. Each Lamb is individual and unique.

For everyone - The lamb is suitable for kids of any gender, nationality and skin color. Lamb is happy to make friends with everyone!

The color on your monitor may differ from the real one. It is recommended for children over three years old. Not for eating. It contains small details. Play only under the supervision of adults. If damage is detected, stop using it. Keep away from fire, water and the sun. The fur may lose its villi.