Hi and welcome to Carami!

My name is Ingrid, I’m a fashion savvy wife and a first-time mom. For seven years, I worked as a buyer in the fashion industry in Montreal for two large international retailers until we got the exciting news that I was pregnant! At that point, we decided to move to Ontario, closer to family, and to focus on this new journey. I’ve always dreamed of one day starting my own fashion business. Not until I was shopping for baby clothes that I realized the struggle to find clothing in my aesthetic, yet made of organic and natural materials. The more I was looking and asking around, the more I became aware of the need people have of finding stylish clothing that is also clean and free of any harmful ingredients for our babies. I wanted to provide the opportunity and availability to other parents who are looking for the same. And thus, Carami was born. 

We are proudly a Canadian online shop located in Ottawa, Ontario. Coming from a middle eastern background, it was important to me to have my family name “Karam” be part of this adventure, which means generosity in English. Carami is a combination of both my name and my baby’s name. 

We hope you enjoy the collection as much as we did selecting each brand and by carefully choosing each product to suit your needs and wants. All of our brands are ethically sourced, sustainably made and/or made of organic materials.

Our packaging is carefully sourced to have a positive impact on our planet. We use compostable packaging and recycled padded mailers. We occasionally send our orders in kraft boxes that are 100% recyclable. We do not use paper or plastic in our packages unless necessary or provided by the brand. We want to be fully transparent with you and for you to be aware that we provide the best quality to our customers when you order from Carami.

Thank you for supporting our business and for being part of our journey!

Lots of love,

Ingrid x